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Eisner Design | Watts Street New York – NY

Watts Street New York – NY

This 3,000-square-foot SoHo loft features a dramatic double height living room connected by a stainless steel cantilevered stair to the bedroom and den upstairs. Oversized sliding doors in the bedroom allow for light to penetrate into the interior den when bedroom privacy is not required. A second cantilevered stair connects the upper level to the owner’s private roof area.

Heavily influenced by the desire to keep structures in tune with their “outward” environment, Eisner used a wide range of refined materials to make that happen and take on the challenges presented by this space. The space was originally created by joining two buildings together, forming a space with two separate levels with one floor almost a full story higher. Connecting the spaces was quite challenging, but for Eisner the solution, installing floating staircases, was one of the most exciting aspects of this project – resulting in the creation of a dramatic and dynamic space.

In keeping with his use of wood, glass and metals, as well as millwork to create definition, he designed and installed large metal inlay doors to separate the three bedrooms in the upper level giving them a sleek and modernistic feel that went hand and hand with the dynamic design of the apartment. Harking back to those early years, Eisner also
created some of the central furnishings for Watts street, including a table in the master bedroom and a vanity in the master bath. With all this in mind it’s easy to see why Eisner Design is known for creating vibrant spaces that fit perfectly into the environment.