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Eisner Design | Iken Academy NYC

Iken Academy NYC

Created to instruct three, four and five-year-olds, the new preschool features innovative design concepts aimed to enhance the children’s academic performance. Located on the Upper East Side on the second floor of the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church, the 1600-square-foot space is comprised of two opposing classrooms connected by a dynamic accordion wall and central communal room. With the implementation of the movable wall each classroom has the ability to be sectioned off as well as opened up to create one large, communal space, emphasizing the importance of group learning as well as appropriately segmented lessons.

Other notable design elements of the preschool include novel tee-pee-like structures within each of the classrooms, designed to create smaller working areas that provide an intimate setting for more focused science-oriented activities. To maximize space, Eisner Design incorporated a colorful “cubby wall” where students will place their supplies and personal items. A bright and inviting element reminiscent of a giant puzzle, the unique design not only creates storage space, but also provides an interactive and fun way for the children to learn the art of organization.

Each classroom also has a separate “wet area” for arts and crafts, and interesting planetary-themed lighting structures, an aquarium and other scientific elements have been strategically placed throughout the school. By breaking each room down into different sections without incorporating additional walls, Eisner Design has found a way to help children understand boundaries without physically creating them.